FEE STRUCTURE & MODE OF PAYMENT Though the fee for the whole year is payable due at the beginning of the year but just to make it easy for the parents, the school has divided it into three installments. (Subject to revision by the Education Ministry at any point of time in the year)

Class 1st installment 2nd installment 3rd installment Total
LKG/UKG KD 100 KD 115 KD 115 KD 330
1st to 4th KD 116 KD 125 KD 125 KD 366
5th to 8th KD 135 KD 146 KD 141 KD 422
9th to 12th KD 150 KD 162 KD 162 KD 474
Due Date 15th April 15th Sep 15th Dec  

Admission Fee : KD 70
Caution Deposit : KD 10
Re-Admission Fee : KD 50
Additional Fee : KD 50 (Applicable for those who are joining from September)